Arcologies of Well-Being

Arcologies of Well-Being

Seven Steps to Global Well-Being

Build Not-for-Profit Arcologies
from the inside out and the ground up,
online first, then on land,
nearby and around the world.

This handbook and the corresponding series of workshops are the preparation for those who have a desire to live and work in a non-profit arcology designed and built by those who plan to live there.

2020 Vision:

What is a Non-Profit Arcology?

We believe there are 7 industries that should never make a profit, but must always be non-profit, operating for the sole purpose of the well-being of the people they serve. "Non-Profit" Arcologies are planned, funded, designed and built by those who intend to own and live in them, as part of the Global Well-Being 2020 Vision.

Each of the Seven Elements of Well-Being are represented within a self-contained and self-sustaining not-for-profit arcology. Members of the arcology offer their goods and services to other members of the arcology free of charge.

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