Gift Economy

Charles Eisenstein suggests that money has become too important in our day-to-day lives. Many needs that we spend money on could be better met without money.

Tom Tresser makes the observation that business is mis-aligned. Big business blunders such as the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico or the bank bailouts are bound to continue to happen. David Howitt points out that the world is fractured and needs to be "fixed." He proposes the idea of a Gift Economy. The economy gains momentum when people start to offer something that they have as a gift, in the forms of product, service or cash, free to the community without any strings attached.

David Howitt,
founder & CEO of Meriwether Group
author of Heed Your Call

Faiza Syed,
Mindset of Abundance

Ellen Brown,
Public Banking Institute

Tom Tressor,
Stuart School of Business