Time Banks

Time Banks

4 Steps to Starting-up a New Time Bank

Here are four steps toward the successful start-up of a new time bank.
1. Identify your goals, potential membership and resources for support. It takes real cash, not time dollars, to manage a time bank. Those that succeed typically have part-time paid staff and a monthly fee to cover the costs.

A More Equitable System

2. Get advice from other time banks and decide on an organizational structure. Many banks are affiliated with a sponsor such as a community nonprofit.
3. Limit your bank’s boundaries. Time banks generally organize around neighborhood clusters of about 150 to 300 people.  Walking distance from each other is always best.

Time Credit

4. It's important to remember that when you ask for help in a time bank you are "hiring" someone to do what they love to do!  And giving them an opportunity to earn time dollars. Engage new members quickly. The sooner fledgling members make their first transaction, the more likely they’ll forge a commitment. Help them see the importance of playing the role of "the employer" instead of "the employee."

One Step Along the Transition from Capitalism to a Gift Economy

TIME BANKS: HourWorld and TimeBanksUSA

Time Banks are springing up all over the world. This is new way of doing business that combines your gifts, your talents, your career and your life purpose. Offer what you have. Request what you desire. It's that simple. A time bank will calculate the hours you give and the hours you receive.

Time Banks provide the opportunity to employ those who would not ordinarily have a place in today's marketplace. The unemployed, under employed, handicapped, and mentally disabled may have important services they can provide to the overwhelmed mother or the struggling business owner. In exchange, the business owner might help a disabled veteran put up a website that would give him the opportunity to make a living through an online business. Not a hand out, but definitely a service based on charity and love.

  • Get someone to help you make those business phone calls that would really help your business take off.
  • Get someone to come in and clean your home while you catch up on some much needed rest.
  • Offer someone a ride that lives on your way to the grocery store.
  • Offer someone help moving.
  • Cook a meal for someone who is sick.

A transition step between capitalism and a gift economy.

The gift economy promotes the idea of making sure every man woman and child has food shelter and clothing before expecting them to be a contributing member of society. Take care of the basic needs and each individual can soar to their highest potential without preoccupation with the acquisition of these basic human needs.

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Time Banks


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